Lecture 3: C and gdb


Read K&R:

Chapter 2. Types, Operators, and Expressions

2.9 Bitwise Operator

Chapter 5. Pointers and Arrays

5.1 Pointers and Addresses

5.2 Pointers and Function Arguments

5.3 Pointers and Arrays

There is one difference between an array name and a pointer that must be kept in mind.
A pointer is a variable, so pa = a and pa++ are legal.
But an array name is not a variable; construction like a = pa and a++ are illegal.

5.4 Adress Arithmetic

The behavior is undefined for arithmetic or comparisons with pointers that do not point to members of the same array.
(There is one exception: the address of first element past the end of an array can be used in pointer arithmetic.)

5.5 Character Pointers and Functions

Chapter 6. Structures

6.4 Pointers to Structures




介绍了下 gdb

pointers example


Lab 2: Memory management

to be continued…